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Spring Skincare Tips: 5 Products to Avoid Before Sun Exposure

As the days get longer and the sun gets closer, sun safety is extra important to keep in mind. You probably know the general rules to follow: Be sure to wear sunscreen and replenish as needed, minimize the time in direct sunlight, and cover up with a hat and sunglasses for further protection from UV rays. However, did you know there’s another way to protect yourself from sun damage? There are certain ingredients common in certain skincare products that can cause photosensitivity, or skin to be extra sensitive to the sun. Here are these ingredients. 

Chemical exfoliants

Ingredients that act as chemical exfoliants exfoliate the skin through chemical means and then encourage new cell growth. These new skin cells, however, are extra susceptible to being harmed by the sun rays. Ingredients that fall into this category include many acids such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, and fruit enzymes.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A in skincare products comes in the form of ingredients such as retinol and retinoic acid (tretinoin). These are excellent at helping with anti-aging but can also cause irritation in addition to photosensitivity. It’s recommended to ease into using them and to use them at night. 

Acne products

Skincare products that are meant for acne-prone skin often contain one of two acne-fighting ingredients: salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. They each work through different mechanisms to help combat acne, but both should not be used in the daytime due to an increased risk of sunburn. 

Certain essential oils

Essential oils are often thought of as good to use at all times due to their being natural. However, certain essential oils can make your skin more photosensitive. These are citrus essential oils, such as lemon, lime, orange, and bergamot. 


This skincare ingredient is contained in products that help reduce the appearance of blemishes. Products containing hydroquinone should not be used during the day, however, to avoid sensitivity to the sun. 

So should you call off the use of products with these ingredients during the summer? Not at all! Just make sure to use them on days you’ll be hanging out indoors or at night. 

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