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Sensitive Skin? Learn how Oatmeal and Lavender Products Can Help

Skincare is important, and there is no shortage of products out there to help keep skin looking healthy and youthful. However, when you have sensitive skin, that list of products is considerably shorter. For those with sensitive skin, some ingredients and fragrances can trigger skin so much that it becomes worse than before. But there are certain ingredients that are not only great for all skin types but are also great for helping to soothe and heal sensitive skin. In this blog, we’ll focus on two of these ingredients: lavender and oatmeal. 

Lavender for sensitive skin

Lavender is a fragrant purple flower that is associated with tranquility. This is true about both the scent of lavender and also lavender in skincare. It’s a great alternative to harsher ingredients. One benefit of lavender for skin is its antibacterial properties. It can be used for acne in those who have sensitivity issues while using stronger ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. 

Lavender is also a great antioxidant. Antioxidants can protect against and help repair sun damage and other sources of inflammation. This means lavender can help against aging since sun damage and other sources of inflammation cause skin to age quicker. It also makes lavender a safe and excellent choice for those with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Finally, lavender has also traditionally been used in wound care, and research is starting to confirm that lavender may have healing properties. 

Oatmeal for sensitive skin

Oatmeal is another ingredient often found in sensitive skincare products. It is very beneficial for those with eczema or psoriasis because, like lavender, it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help improve discoloration in the skin, a common issue for those with sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea. 

For those looking for sensitive skin-friendly anti-aging help, oatmeal is a good choice. It helps to repair sun damage and other skin damage from environmental factors. It also helps stimulate the skin to produce collagen. Collagen, the production of which diminishes with age, helps keep skin firm and tight. And oatmeal, a carbohydrate, is a good moisturizer!

Choosing skincare products 

Sensitive skin doesn’t mean you have to forgo good-quality skincare. It just means you need to be a little more picky with your skincare products. And natural doesn’t mean not effective. There are many intense-but-gentle products out there, such as our Sensitive Oatmeal and Lavender Advanced “Jelly” Peel-Off Mask. This product combines oatmeal and lavender with other gentle ingredients like rosemary and rice to soothe and calm skin. Remember: For those with sensitive skin, it’s always good to test a small amount of a product first to be safe.