ACNE CONTROL PURIFYING Peel-Off Mask (5 pouches)

ACNE CONTROL PURIFYING Peel-Off Mask (5 pouches)

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Results are immediate and visible with Closed Pores and Matte clear skin. Zinc, Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Willow Bark absorbs the excess sebum and reduce scars and dark circles. The Seaweed rich in vitamins and beta carotene, stimulates the blood flow yielding even greater clarification with vibrant smooth skin. Immediately Detoxifies and Tones the skin while reducing inflammation and scarring. The Willow Leaf sheds dead cells while generating new cells, clearing the pores and functioning as an astringent. Niacinamide combined with the Natural Lemon peel reduces pores and uneven skin tone while mattifying the skin. The Blue Green algae fatty acids work deep to clean and eliminate puffiness while firming, lifting and toning the skin. A Natural Effective treatment with immediate results

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